Equinox Pasadena
9:30-10:30am Yoga Tune Up®

YogaWorks Pasadena
12:15-1:15pm Yoga Tune Up®

YogaWorks Pasadena
12:15-1:15pm Yoga Tune Up®

YogaWorks Pasadena
9-10am  Hatha 1

Equinox Pasadena
300 E. Colorado Boulevard, Ste. 201 Pasadena, CA 91101

YogaWorks Pasadena
277 W. Green Street Pasadena, CA 91105

Hatha 1:  An eclectic and fun yoga class blending techniques from different traditions. This class is perfectly appropriate for beginners, but many experienced yogis and athletes take the class to refine their core strength and posture, expand shoulder and hip mobility and stability, and deepen their embodied understanding of yoga poses, including the total release of Savasana. The class includes pranayama, self-study, mindfulness, yoga philosophy, some anatomical instruction and individual attention and modification for injuries and conditions in the room.  

Yoga Tune Up®:  A challenging, restorative and playful self-care class that focuses on healthy biomechanics, breath mechanics and mental down regulation. This therapeutic class uses yoga, self-myofascial release (self-massage) with therapy balls, pranayama (exploration of breath), corrective exercises, self study and mindset to address pain, posture and performance. It is a wonderful class for students with injuries and those who want to move better in their bodies to prevent them. It is appropriate for students of all levels. See Yoga Tune Up® page for more.  


Student Testimonials:

"We start our yoga journey for different reasons. But once there, our path is enriched by the wonderful yoga teachers that we encounter. Gwen Yeager is one such teacher. She creates a nurturing calm and with subtle adjustments she will guide you into correct alignment. She is an insightful, knowledgeable teacher; it's so rewarding to step out of her class and float through the day." ~ Pamela Ward

"I had not been to yoga class in over 5-6 years when I walked into your class and met you (and even then I was just a beginner)...not only was I nervous about my lower back but the fear of walking into an established mixed level class made me very apprehensive from the moment we spoke I knew you were the type of teacher that enjoyed everyone no matter what their challenges are…. you have a very gentle way of teaching and speaking to your class...and in a way a self deprecating sense of humor that lets us all feel we are on the same page even though there was a great deal I could not do or I constantly fell over I didn't mind and looked forward to my next experience in your class the fact is when you mention a certain pose and explain a little bit about it..... you always give options to those handicapped people in your class like me..which not only makes me more comfortable but look forward to when I can do that position or some form of it and not be fearful I can't thank you enough for your support and compassion…you have opened a world to me that I thought was closed.  many many thanks!" ~ Pam Leonte

"As a regularly practicing yogi, I've found that Gwen is the best of the best yoga teachers in a city full of wonderful instructors. Gwen's classes are well thought out and physically make sense. She always warms up each part of the body before progressing into more rigorous poses rather than randomly sequencing poses. Her instruction is very thorough with great attention to detail and has really helped me get inside of my own body. Each class takes my practice deeper into opening up my body and also my mind.~ Stephanie Mansour  (Yoga Instructor, RYT200)

"I really enjoy Gwen's class. Being a guy, I have to feel comfortable, and Gwen creates a very welcoming atmosphere. She dissects the poses anatomically so I can understand what's going on. I always look forward to her classes and love her Yoga Tune Up® workshops." ~ Steve Kendall

"As a newbie to yoga, I was skeptical. One hour with Gwen changed my perception about yoga and myself. After a few months of practicing, I have become more flexible, stand straighter and feel stronger. She helps her students achieve their full practice level regardless of experience by providing individual attention, guidance, teaching, empathy and understanding. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Gwen!" ~ Beth Bittmann

"I absolutely love Gwen's yoga class. She is super cute and fun…but better still are her yoga teachings. She pays attention to correct formation, which has helped my confidence in the yoga poses. Gwen is a strong teacher and my yoga practice has grown in the months I have been going to her classes. She knows the “ins and outs” of all the poses. You'll think you have a pose down and then Gwen will give some further action to take in that pose that makes all the difference. She challenges you to challenge yourself, but at the same time wants you to allow yourself to back off if need be. I always leave Gwen's yoga classes feeling stretched, worked, and relaxed. I recommend her to any student who wants a teacher who knows yoga and how to teach it." ~ Star

"Of the many exercise and yoga classes my wife Jane and I have taken over past years, none has come close to Gwen’s classes. Her mixture of deep stretching, toning, flexing, relaxation and a cleansing of the spirit was always a highlight of our day. It was truly a pleasure and a great benefit to work with Gwen. Our only regret was having to return from LA to Washington DC.  Namaste." ~ Don

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