In a private yoga practice, I therapeutically tailor the practice of yoga to your unique needs, addressing your personal movement patterns, state of mind, energy levels, injuries, aches and pains, and overall goals, to increase your health and wellbeing, reduce stress, decrease pain, support any other movement practice you enjoy (or help balance out the adverse affects of them), assist with injury prevention and aid long-term health. Private yoga also is a great way to learn yoga or take an existing yoga practice to a deeper level.

We all have tendencies and habits - physical, mental and emotional - and every lifestyle or occupation has its own challenges and demands. Private classes meet the need of each individual or small group at the time of practice to enhance quality of life and help prevent dis-ease. 

My private classes are different for each student each time we meet. However, they blend classical Hatha yoga asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), core conditioning, occasional strength exercises from physical therapy, self-study, mindfulness, self-myofascial release with therapy balls, Ayurveda, yoga philosophy and restorative yoga. I highly value functional movement, the movements we need in our daily lives, and my sequencing takes that into account.  

I teach all levels and ages, from teenagers to seniors. I teach students with special conditions such as scoliosis, sports injuries, spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disease, ADD and more. (See Yoga Therapy.) I also instruct athletes who want to heal or prevent sports injuries, enhance their athletic performance, and decrease recovery time between trainings or events. I am a fan of integrative medicine, and I regularly work with students in conjunction with treatment they are receiving from medical professionals. 

I am passionate about yoga being adapted to the individual, and I give as much individual instruction as I am able to in a group class. Privately I can freely and fully create a practice that meets the needs of each unique student.  

All you need to practice is a clean space, comfortable clothing and a yoga mat.

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~24 Hour Notice for Cancellations~